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 We love Portugal

but something good has been missing here:

Delicious soda with high quality, natural ingredients

- not this artificial stuff full of sugar.

Lemon Mate why not soda cafeina biologica menos açucar energia natural.jpg

So here we are,
making the first
Organic Craft Soda
in Portugal:

why not soda

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LEMON’MATE is the first member of our family!

LEMON’MATE is an organic craft soda made for life-loving, active people, who make things happen.  

LEMON’MATE is crafted out of organic lemon juice, mate-tea extract, a pushing dose of biological caffeine and a lower amount of raw cane sugar. And yes, it is sparkling, because life is prickling too.

LEMON’MATE tastes refreshingly natural and gives people the energy to do the things they want to do.

lemon mate why not soda cafeina biologica menos açucar energia natural portugal.jpg

Organic Craft Soda -
that means for us:

Our recipes are based on our ideas of good soda…
Surprisingly different and refreshingly natural

For that, we only use natural ingredients…
no chemicals for conservation or coloring.

Our sodas have a biological certification…
because it’s the minimum one can do.

We produce where we sell…
in Portugal with a local craft beer brewery in the north…

We use the least amount of sugar possible...
Soft drinks are not healthy, buuuut… we only live once and we got to enjoy things, so we try our best to make our drinks at least healthier.

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What the media is writing about us…


We are proud members of Lisbons very best Startup-incubator.

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We were awarded as the “Best New Concept 2018” by a high profile jury (Delta Cafés // Sociedade Central de Cervejas // Turismo de Portugal // AHRESP) during an entrepreneurship program/accelerator by Startup Lisboa.

There are more and more places where you can find why not sodas LEMON’MATE.

Contact us please, if you want to know where…

Also, if you think the LEMON'MATE should be available at a certain place, pease let us know